Corpus Christi Procession40 Hours Devotion Sign up and BBQ RSVP

40 Hours Devotion Sign up and BBQ RSVP

June 23
3:45 pm We will gather in the village by the train station
4:00 pm The procession starts

This year we will be processing through the streets of the village once again.
If you received your First Holy Communion this year, join us with your dress or suit and you will be given an opportunity to strew flowers in front of Jesus. The processsion will begin at the train station and carry us back up to the church where we will have Benediction. Adoration will continue overnight.

FREE BBQ following 5:30 pm Mass.

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What is 40 Hours’ Devotion?

It is an ancient practice in which a special forty-hour period of continuous prayer is made before the Blessed Sacrament in solemn exposition. Public and Private devotion is encouraged by the Pope in churches throughout the world.

Why do we do this?

Adoration is a powerful opportunity to experience the Love of Christ in a very personal way. The total of 40 hours was selected in honor of the number of hours during which the Body of Our Lord is considered to have rested in the tomb. Traditionally, the practice has been invoked to combat threats to our Catholic faith.

Adoration will be held in the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel in the Church. Please let us know what hour you are able to adore by entering it below.

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