Respect Life Book Club

August 29th and September 26th
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

August 29th – Introductory presentations, group discussion, purchase book
September 26th – Presentations and group discussion

My Name is Kenny, I Can’t Talk by Lynda Holler

Lynda Holler had the rare opportunity to see the impact her husband Kenny was
making on the people in his life. After he died from a 21-year battle with oral
cancer, she interviewed 207 people that knew him at all levels of acquaintance
and the words she heard were life-altering. Her book reveals, through the words
of these witnesses, the power of love, friendship, suffering, and the truth that our
lives have value until the very end. Join us for a 2-session book club to discuss the
perspectives and powerful candor revealed in these chapters.

FEE: $5 each session plus cost of book

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