EDGE is a nationally recognized Catholic middle school (youth in grades six, seven, and eight) ministry aimed to present the truths of the Catholic faith in a hands-on and relevant format.  The format of EDGE is designed to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, and social needs of our middle school youth.  EDGE Nights allow youth to learn about their faith through talks, skits, videos, small group discussions and sharing what they know with their friends.

Why is EDGE Important?

The middle school years are about change and transition.  As they grow and develop, middle school youth begin to experience a desire for independence and are both excited and scared at how their world is changing. Research indicates that positive, supportive relationships with adults/mentors can be a very positive and rewarding experience for youth at this age. The EDGE Ministry provides this experience for our middle school youth. Click here to view our policies on EDGE and Parent Guidelines.

Goals of EDGE: 

  • To foster a transforming spiritual experience of Jesus through the liturgy which will allow middle school youth to experience the Word of God and the Eucharist in a more profound way;
  • To assist middle school youth in gaining an understanding and appreciation of what the Catholic Church teaches and believes;
  • To incorporate the Catholic Church’s vision of social justice and peace into the spiritual lives of middle school youth;
  • To develop an understanding in middle school youth that they are a vital presence within the parish community; and
  • To enter into and transform the culture and lives of middle school youth with the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Church.

For additional Information on the EDGE Catholic Middle School Youth Ministry, contact Mrs. Theresa Scorca at slotreled@comcast.net or 845-279-6098

EDGE Christian Service Projects

Throughout the semester, the middle school youth will be introduced to the social teaching of the Catholic Church. Using the dignity of the human person as the basis, this semester will look at issues such as solidarity, war, greed, poverty and injustice. The goal of the semester is to help the young people see the needs of the greater human family and how their faith connects them to their brothers and sisters in need.  Each year EDGE the student take part in a variety of service project to help each child see the face of Christ in an all areas of life.

Exalt Praise and Worship (XLT)

A unique opportunity for middle school youth to participate in adoration of the Eucharist including praise and worship music and an inspirational talk by a visiting priest. The second part of the evening is an opportunity for socializing with friends during open gym, organized games and sweet treats.

The evening begins in the church and ends in the gym. EDGE students are required to attend at least 4 times per year. Parents and other family members are always welcome and encouraged to join us.

Each year, our graduating EDGE students tell us that adoration was the best part of EDGE.















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