Anointing of the Sick

This sacrament strengthens the person with courage to endure and unites the person with Christ’s suffering, death and Resurrection. The priest prays that the body, mind, and spirit will be healed.

If You are in the hospital …

You may have filled out those privacy forms at the doctor’s office. New laws restrict the amount of information that can be given about a patient. If you have been admitted to the hospital that may mean a Catholic priest or lay minister of communion may not be aware that you are Catholic and would like a visit. At Putnam Hospital, it is important that you or someone in your family makes it clear at admitting that you are Catholic and a member of St. Lawrence O’Toole parish.

The proper chaplain for Putnam County Hospital is St. James Parish. They bring communion to parishioners who are identified as members of the four parishes in our Northern Westchester/Putnam Vicariate on selected days. A priest from St. James is available on-call for emergencies.

We will usually have a priest go over to the hospital once or twice a week to anoint St. Lawrence Parishioners with the Sacrament of the Sick but if you are not listed on Putnam Hospital’s roster of St. Lawrence parishioners, we will not know you are there.

If you are seriously ill, preparing for surgery, or undergoing tests for something potentially grave, the best course of action is to notify us before you go to the hospital, or upon being admitted. (Families, never wait until the last moment!) If you wish to receive communion regularly, ask the nurse to call St. James and put you on the communion list. (St. Lawrence parishioners bring communion to the residents of Putnam Ridge Nursing Home.) If there are further needs or you have no response, please call us at least to let us know to pray for you.

If you are admitted to Danbury Hospital, tell those at Admitting you would like to see a priest or receive communion. If you encounter any problems, please call us so that we can help you.

Please call the Parish House on 845-279-2021 anytime someone is seriously ill, elderly, or undergoing surgery. Anointing of the Sick can be scheduled with a priests and names can be added to the prayer list.