Arise Prayer Ministry

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Thank you for attending the Holy Spirit 101 retreat and training! I hope that you found it meaningful and spiritually enriching. We are going to bring the love of Jesus to our brothers and sisters and receive God's grace and spiritual gifts in the process.  If this is new for you, don’t worry! You’ve stepped out in faith and that means the Holy Spirit is already moving in your life. We are all learning together and we will rely on the Holy Spirit to power this ministry. 

I would like to know a little bit about each one of you, specifically, what brought you to want to attend the retreat, and why you feel called to do this work. "I'm a life-long Catholic" is not the sort of answer I'm hoping for.  We will be forming prayer teams, and it will be helpful to know a little bit about the team members.  Once I have all the people interested and their information, I will schedule a meeting, which you will be required to attend. The purpose of the meeting will be to review the guidelines of this ministry and to give everyone a chance to practice the healing prayer with others.  We hope to begin praying with others by the third weekend in November. We will start with having 2 prayer teams available to pray with people after the Sunday 11 AM mass, beginning on November 21.  We will also begin offering healing prayer at the Seasons of Praise offerings on the third Monday of every month, so that would be November 22. I will send out a date for the meeting once I have all the attendees and email addresses. Thank you so much!  I am very excited to embark on this journey with you.  Please feel free to call me with any questions.

Peace be with all of you,

Loretta Lestrange    845-661-8098