Spring 2020 Virtual Adult Faith Formation Offerings

These are extraordinary times and St. Lawrence O’Toole is dedicated to offering you extraordinary opportunities. Rather than wait for the crisis to end to return to our traditional Faith Formation scheduling, we have searched out programs that are perfect for this place in time. We have a variety of options that meet the needs of our entire community. Join us to strengthen your body, mind, and soul and grow closer to Jesus in the process. When life returns to a new “normal” you will surely look back on these experiences as a light in the midst of the darkness.

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* Important changes and information regarding our online program offerings:

  1. Some of the programs require books and we will not be able to order them for you through the parish. We will provide a suggested resource for participants to order books directly, but you can order from another resource if you find better price or shipping options.
  2. Shipping times are unreliable these days, so it is important to decide which programs you want to take and order any books immediately. Even if the supplier ships the book out within a couple days, the transit time will probably be much longer than normal. We are starting the programs that require books in early to mid-May to allow you enough time to get them.
  3. The program sessions will be run on Zoom, so you will need a computer or phone with a working camera and a mic or headphones to participate.
  4. To keep the Zoom link secure, you will be emailed the link, and any other login information required, after you register.

Living Our Faith in a Pandemic – The Catholic Church has had 2000 years of experience dealing with plagues, isolation, and uncertain times. Some of our top Catholic speakers share strategies we can use to keep us focused on loving God, our neighbor, and growing in joy and peace. This 4-week Zoom program includes a short video and group discussion on relevant topics impacting all of us in the Covid19 crisis.

Sundays, April 26-May 24
11:00 – 11:45 AM on Zoom
Register online to get Zoom access information

Fee:  Free

33 Days to Morning Glory


Two options:
Starts April 28 – Consecration May 31, The Visitation
Starts May 18 - Consecration June 20, Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary



Take advantage of your isolation and treat yourself to a 33-day spiritual retreat in your own home. Not only is this retreat easy to make, but Fr. Michael Gaitley teaches us that its spirituality, ending with your Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, is the “quickest and easiest” way to become a saint! Parishioners that have done this retreat admit that it transformed their prayer life.

The format of this program will allow you to read the 1-page daily reflections and watch the weekly Formed.org videos at home, then join fellow parishioners at the end for a Zoom Consecration Ceremony. When you register, you will receive detailed instructions by email. The 33 Days to Morning Glory booklets have been provided by the diocese and are free of charge. You can pick one up at the foot of the Welcome Desk in the Narthex of the Church by April 22.

Fee:  Free

Our Story – This basic introduction to the Bible for Catholics is a perfect opportunity for busy parents and working people who are curious about the Bible but haven’t had the time to take a Bible study before. Mark Hart and Kevin Saunders walk you through an overview of the Story of Salvation recommending the chapters that will best illuminate for you God’s love story with his children. Weekly Zoom sessions will include a 6-minute video and group discussion.

Tuesdays, April 28 – June 23 - 9 weeks
7:00 – 7:40 PM on Zoom
Register by Apr 26

Fee:  Free

From Mourning to Joy Bereavement Ministry – Our bereavement group has been meeting weekly for almost 2 years to help people rebuild their lives after the loss of a spouse, child, parent, family member or friend through group support and applying Biblical principles to the healing process. We are continuing to meet on Zoom and participants are thankful for the unbroken opportunity in this challenging time. If you are impacted by the death of a loved one, please join us; if you know someone who has, please share this program info with them. We have witnessed great healing, truly seen people move from mourning to joy.

Tuesdays ongoing
7:00-9:00 PM on Zoom
Register online to get Zoom access information

Fee:  Cost of the book: $15.00 + tax & shipping – must be ordered by the participant. Details provided on registration page

Freedom to Love - Freedom to Love is a powerful five-part study for single and married young adults. Presented by popular author Christopher West, this series lays out a convincing and refreshing road map to living a life of authentic freedom. The Theology of the Body concepts presented in this study will dramatically impact your view of yourself, love, and relationships with those around you.

Wednesdays, May 6 – June 10 –  6 weeks
7:00 – 8:00 PM on Zoom
Register by Apr 25th

Fee:  Cost of the book: $12.95 + tax & shipping – must be ordered by the participant. Details provided on registration page

Consoling the Heart of Jesus33 Days to Morning Glory led us to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Stage One, Part I. In Part II, Consoling the Heart of Jesus, we will learn about God's infinite mercy and how we can give Him joy, consoling His heart, by accepting His love and trusting in Him completely. We'll discover how suffering can actually help us grow spiritually closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the same self-guided retreat format of 33 Days to Morning Glory, participants will read the daily meditations in the book and meet once a week for group discussion on Zoom. Perfect for people that have already done 33 Days, but it isn’t necessary.

Wednesdays, May 13 – July 15 – 10 weeks
7:00 – 8:00 PM on Zoom
Register by Apr 25th

Fee:  Cost of the book: $14.95 + tax & shipping – must be ordered by the participant. Details provided on registration page


Prayer with Peter – Draw into a closer relationship with Jesus by learning to quiet your heart, listen for God's voice, and understand the ways God chooses to speak to each of us personally. Join Music Director Peter Ryan and Seminarian Jack Kristensen for this beautiful opportunity to tune into God’s voice through Scripture, music, and our daily lives.


Thursdays, April 23 – May 14 - 4 weeks
7:00 – 8:00 PM on Zoom
Register by Apr 21

Fee:  Free

Experience Pietra Fitness, a retreat for body, mind, and soul…

Pietra Fitness works though breathing, stretching, and strengthening exercises to tone the body while refreshing the soul with prayer. Join us for a series of four Gentle Introduction classes through Zoom.  In less than an hour you could feel calmer, stronger, refreshed and renewed!

Saturdays, April 25 – May 16
9:00-9:40 AM on Zoom
Register by 4/23

Fee:  Free

Women’s GIFT - WGIFT is the acronym for Women Growing in Faith Together. This ministry was formed to help meet women’s needs: for Christian community, for growing in faith, and for prayer. We focus on learning about God’s plan for women in the Church. Faithful, prayerful women are needed most especially today to recognize our gifts and our callings to build the Body of Christ here on earth. As women in the Church, we are called to share our faith and be the inspiration for the renewal of our Church and the spread of the Gospel.  

Up next is “Our Relationship with the Saints,” learning about individual women saints by studying, and drawing inspiration from them for our own lives.

Saturdays, April 25 – May 30 – 6 weeks
1:00 – 2:00 PM on Zoom
Register by 4/23

Fee:  Free

Men’s Ministry – The men of our parish have been meeting weekly on Saturday mornings since 2013 to discuss topics related to our Catholic faith, spirituality, and issues that impact our lives as men: professionals, husbands, and fathers. We have transformed those live meetings into virtual ones through Zoom so that we can continue to grow in our faith and support one another in this unprecedented time. Open to men of all ages.

Saturdays ongoing
7:00-8:30 AM on Zoom
Register online to get Zoom access information

Fee:  Free