Know Our Faith


7:00 pm- 9:00 pm

Dining Hall


Know Our Faith is a new series designed to teach us more about our Catholic faith. It’s an opportunity to hear the beautiful teachings of the Church that may have been forgotten since childhood religious instructions or distorted over time by cultural influences. Join us to gain an adult understanding of the most critical subject matter there is – our faith.

Each evening will feature a relevant topic and will include an engaging video, group discussion, and take-away materials.  Bring family members and explore our Catholic faith together. Each evening stands on its own and topics may be repeated. Join us as often as your schedule allows.

June 20th - Do you know God’s Story of Salvation?

When we step back and view the timeline of the world from Creation to the present, we can see that God has a plan; it isn’t just a random accumulation of interesting stories. As we learn that the lessons and experiences of Adam and Eve, Abraham, David, Mary, Jesus and everyone in between are part of a well-crafted plan by our Father, we can gain the confidence to know that we are each players in His Story of Salvation too.

July 25th - Through Divine Revelation God speaks to all of us. Do you hear Him?

Today, many people tend to think that they can decide for themselves what is true, what is morally right or wrong, and ultimately decide on their own what is best for their lives. God, the all-powerful Creator of the Universe, longs to communicate Himself with every one of us so that we can know Him personally and know His perfect plan for our lives. God’s Divine Revelation is not reserved for great saints and mystics, so how can each of us know His Truth?

August 22nd - Do you read God’s love letter to you?

The Bible is more than the collection of readings we hear during Mass. Many of us were not taught to read the Bible in our formative religious instruction and we are missing out on the opportunity for God to speak to us personally through His living Word. Through the Scriptures God seeks to actively communicate with us, guide our lives, and arm us with a powerful weapon for the spiritual battles we face each day. Enrich your life and faith by learning how.

September 12th - Who do you say that Jesus is?

The question of Jesus’ identity is central to our faith. Without a clear understanding of who Jesus is, what He has done for us, and what that means for each of us individually, we can never expect to have a personal relationship with Him. Jesus clearly taught, “No one comes to the Father except through me,” so getting that relationship right is eternally important.


Recommended donation $20 for 4 sessions