Know Our Faith

Guest Speaker Series – John Thompson, Apologetics

7:00 - 9:00pm



Know Our Faith is a new series designed to teach us more about our Catholic faith. It’s an opportunity to hear the beautiful teachings of the Church that may have been forgotten since childhood religious instructions or distorted over time by cultural influences. Join us to gain an adult understanding of the most critical subject matter there is – our faith.

Each evening will feature a relevant topic and will include an engaging video, group discussion, and take-away materials.  Bring family members and explore our Catholic faith together. Each evening stands on its own and topics may be repeated. Join us as often as your schedule allows.

Feb 22 —The Harmony and Brilliance of God and Science (Dining Hall)

Many of history’s greatest scientists were Christians. It was their belief in God that inspired them to study His Creation with passion and methodical discipline. While some scientific theories have led people to disbelieve in God’s existence, true science discovers God in an ever-increasing degree—as though God were waiting behind every door opened by science.

Mar 15 — Christian Community: A Family United by Faith and Reason (Large Conference Room)

Most of us have friends and family members who consider themselves agnostics or don’t see the relevance of attending church and worshipping God. Active Catholics understand that through faith, reason, and gathering together as a community of believers we enrich our relationships with God as well as our family and neighbors. Join us to learn the strategies you need to touch the minds and hearts of your loved ones and draw them home to God and His Church.

FEE: $5 each session