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St Lawrence O'Toole Family Program





Parents are the primary catechists for their children”…

Families with children in grades 1*, 2* , 3, 4 and 5 are invited to participate in St Lawrence Family Faith Formation Program. 

The Family program is designed to encourage and equip parents to live and teach their children the Catholic Faith. A variety of learning opportunities are made available: in the classroom, at home and as part of our faith community.

Features of the Program:

  • Flexibility in scheduling for busy families.
  • Parents learn and grow in the faith so that they in turn become primary teachers of their children.
  • Families participate in home-based learning through a variety of learning approaches including: discussion, crafts, direct instruction and scripture study. 
  • Programs are scheduled to support family participation in weekly Mass and encourage regular prayer.

Due to this year's special circumstances, all our classes have temporarily transitioned to Zoom online. 

Each grade will meet with their teacher once a week, for a total of 20 lessons. In addition, all children and their families will have the opportunity to attend in-person Family Friday lessons, adoration and prayer. All of these events will be done with the required safety precautions. 
  • 1st Grade: Option A - Mon 4:20-5pm  or  Option B - Wed 4:20-5pm
  • 2nd Grade: Option A - Tues 4:20-5pm  or  Option B - Thurs 4:20-5pm
  • 3rd Grade: Option A - Wed 5:10- 5:50pm  or Option B - Thurs 5:10-5:50pm
  • 4th Grade: Option A - Mon 5:10- 5:50pm or Option B - Tues 5:10-5:50pm
  • 5th Grade: Option A - Mon 3:30- 4:10pm or Option B - Tues 3:30-4:10pm
Open to all, we are offering special in-person events such as Advent Wreath making, Christmas and Easter Story Time, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Divine Mercy Sunday for Children, among many other fund and spiritually reached events. 
Finally, and most importantly, all our families are invited to attend a monthly TEACHING MASS, where our Pastor will celebrate mass and teach us about different aspects of it.

Please view our Policies for Religious Education at St. Lawrence



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