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Through activities, songs and prayer, each child will have a better understanding and appreciation of God's gifts and love for all of us. Each child will be encouraged to develop a positive self-image and a love of all of God's creations. Each child will be made to feel special because God made each one in His likeness. Through many different activities the children will have a better understanding of the significance of the religious holidays, especially Christmas and Easter. We will continue with our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, which is a hands on Montessori based program. 


Motor Development

Various activities to help develop motor development are a large part of each day. The children are instructed on how to use scissors from the beginning of the year. The children are encouraged to foster fine motor development through cutting, painting, play dough, using pegs etc. Each child is encouraged, but not forced to hold a pencil correctly and to begin to write his/her name. This is concentrated on during the second half of the school year. Gross motor development is a part of each school day with games, free play and organized activities. 



Fundamental number concepts, as well as concepts dealing with shapes, size and sets are explored through activities, games and crafts. Number recognition is emphasized through visual daily activities. The children will learn to identify numbers 1 to 10. 


Language Arts

Letter recognition is taught by introducing' a "Letter of the Week". The children are encouraged to bring in pictures which begin with the letter, as well as "Show and Tell" items that begin with the letter. Art projects are made to begin with the letter to reinforce the lesson. Oral expression is encouraged during "Circle Time" and "Show and Tell".


Listening Skills

Listening and following directions play an important part of each day. Through "Story Time" and "Circle Time" the children are encouraged to listen and learn. Each child is made aware of the importance of these skills. 



The children are introduced to many different art mediums. While self-expression is fostered, instruction in various techniques will also be directed. Painting, cutting, pasting, drawing, and creating are a continual part of each day. The children will learn to identify colors and textures. Craft projects are proudly displayed at different times in the classroom and then brought home.



The children are encouraged to explore different sounds and patterns using their voices, instruments, tapes, cd's, and the creation of rhythmic patterns. Singing, dancing and exercising are a daily occurrence. Songs related to holidays, seasons and special occasions add to the musical atmosphere.


Class Trips

Class trips are planned during the school year to reinforce lessons that have been taught.



The children will become aware of good health by eating properly and taking care of themselves by reinforcing proper hygiene. 




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