Pre-K 3





The children will learn prayers and songs and an appreciation of God's gifts and love for us. Each child will be made to feel special because God made each one in His likeness. Through many different activities the children will be introduced to the significance of religious holidays, especially Christmas and Easter. The children will be introduced to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. A religion program that is hands on and Montessori based.


Motor Development

Various activities and exercises are introduced to help develop gross and fine motor skills. These include dancing, hopping, movement games and songs. Fine motor skill development in introduced through many forms including puzzles, play dough, coloring, painting and pasting. Scissors will be introduced in the second half of the school year.



Through songs, art activities and play, the children will be introduced to numbers, counting, shapes, size and sets.


Letter Recognition

In its simplest form, the children will be introduced to the alphabet through name recognition, songs, crafts and stories.



The children will be introduced to many different art forms. Each child is encouraged to use his or her imagination. Painting, pasting, drawing, and manipulatives are a daily part of each day. The children will learn to identify colors through art projects and activities.



Through songs, finger plays, nursery rhymes, musical instruments, tapes, CD's and singing, the children explore the many avenues of music.



The children are introduced to taking care of themselves by proper eating habits and proper hygiene.


Listening Skills

Listening and following directions play an important part of each day. Through "Story Time" and "Circle Time" the children are encouraged to listen and learn. Each child is made aware of the importance of these skills.


Social Interaction

The stimulation of group activity, role playing and creative play is a part of each day to help the children develop peer relationships. Each child learns to be accepting and respectful of others. Acceptance, a positive self-image, and self-worth are fostered in all children.


Simple Science

Through nature, experiments, cooking activities, and group discussions the
children are introduced to the world of science.



Safety rules are taught and enforced. The children will explore safety in the classroom, playground and at home.




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